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I want to express my deepest thanks to Carol Kimball for all of her help. I found Carol’s website through a Google search, and from minute one she was always prompt and helpful. Carol and I began working together weekly to develop a prototype for my patent. Carol is so knowledgeable and an amazing teacher. She didn’t just work for me, but with me, allowing me to do as much (and on some days as little) as I wanted. What I have learned from Carol is invaluable. I now know more than I ever thought possible about developing a product from concept to finished piece. I look forward to working more with Carol in the future and believe she has become a lifelong friend. Thank you for everything Carol!


I sincerely hope you know, Carol – you have been an inspiration to me for a very long time…because you are always so honest, personable and willing…

Thanks for all your hard work and coming in under budget.

Sketching tutorial

Thank you for Sketching Designs for Any Body. All your things I have used are great.

Master sketch pads

[Carol’s Master Sketch Pad] is great for anyone who has not really learned to sketch because you can use it as a basic for realistic images for your clients. So you can learn illustration and sketching, and I do have to say people are impressed by that.

I am excited to get started on a more professional look for my clients’ approval. Unfortunately I am not a very good artist when it comes to drawing a body so this will be just perfect.

The pad and sketches are so much more than I expected. What a neat packaging design you’ve got! I love the pad and the cards that lie under them – I was expecting copied sheets. lol

I did lots of sketching on the flight home it was great fun.

Master sketch pads, kids taking off with

Thanks for the warning about the pads disappearing.

Your new slogan should be: “So easy a 10 year-old can do it!” My daughter took over the Master Sketch Pad and designed a new wardrobe for herself.

I have a student whose daughter is interested in fashion design illustration- I will obviously show her your wonderful sketch pads…

(from a six-year old):
hi Carol i love croquis i’v been drawing them a lot. i’v Learned not to [draw the] hem straight, I curve the hem, love, Tori

Funny, before the kids could get into bed last night so I could draw – they drew all kinds of outfits for me to make them and to ‘help’ me on design ideas! They’ve hijacked the pad you sent, so I’m using my sketch pad I keep hidden from them.

Wheelchair inserts

Thanks a lot for the templates, i will test in the morning, but they look even better and more useful than I imagined!!! The possibility to show the designs on look-alike bodies is such a genius idea.

I just can´t wait to start drawing, but now it’s almost midnight and I have a very busy day ahead, so I will draw in my dreams ;c)

…I then followed the links to your website and was amazed at all the
wonderful things you have on offer; especially the design outlines for the people in wheelchairs; arghhh, if only I had known of you two years ago I would have saved myself soooo much work!

OH! Carol! These are absolutely perfect! [As I am]…drawing out ideas that I hope will benefit someone else one day, on top of your drawings, helps me feel inspired by the layering of creativity.

Your drawings are wonderful. I’ve been visiting with a woman who isn’t
in a wheelchair, but due to a stroke has limited mobility and, near as I
can tell, her body shape is such that wheelchair designs may be optimal.

Personalized body inserts

Thanks, Carol! I’ll take them to the copy shop and have them made into a tear-away pad. I have a lot more confidence in what I’m doing now.

These are great! I think I even have some card stock on which to print them!

Thanks so much for the flattering body!

Thanks for sending my personalized body images. You did a great job
and I know that they will be tremendously helpful to me when planning
my new projects.

Thank you so much for the personal body croquis. I purchased a pattern yesterday that I’m not sure is a good design for me. My “homework” tonight will be to transfer the design onto my “body”. It will be good practice.

Teaching fashion illustration

In all the art classes I’ve ever had, believe me Fashion Illustration was never even approached until I took my dear friend Carol Kimball’s class. It was like taking a cool glass of water….refreshing, invigorating and very satisfying! There was finally someone who “spoke the same language.” Thank you Carol from all of us who have taken your class. Your encouragement is priceless. I love fashion illustration!!

The great news is that you do not have to wait for a class to get all the great information. Carol now has a complete text of her class information on CD. It’s almost like being in her class again only without Carol’s energetic personality. I would still recommend taking one of Carol’s classes but do not leave without a CD.
No affiliation just a satisfied student.

[re: Carol’s two day master class in Chicago]. Illustration has always and still is my weak area, my mom and sister have those genes. Since taking Carol’s class my illustration techniques are improving. I did not think they had but my clients have been making very favorable comments on the illustrations I have done on their projects, which sealed the deal on the job because they could see I understood their vision. If you need help in fashion illustration Carol is a wonderful instructor.

And I am proof positive that drawing can be taught, after taking Carol Kimball’s class. My chapter-mates in Chicago were so impressed with my fashion illustrations post-class (compared to my stick people pre-class) that one of them is taking her class next month.

I really enjoyed your class, and I also really liked how you were able to offer design advice, as well as illustration techniques!

The class was great! I learned so much and my drawings have improved immensely! If they start getting really good, I can send you some “before Carol’s class” and “after Carol’s class” images as a testimonial.

I loved your class, and the kudos it’s gotten me since then!

Hopefully I will get a chance to take your class at a future [national ASDP] conference, I heard so many wonderful comments about it.

I wanted to also thank you for making the class so accessible to a drawing dunce like me.

I have already applied what I learned in class. The client loved the jacket illustration I did for her. The consultation was quick, easy and effortless.

I use sketches to show alterations customers what I am going to do to the neckline, side seams, straps whatever all the time. It helps me communicate the changes I’m making and I have a visual reminder of what I’m doing to the dress. I need all the reminders I can get. Sketching is a very useful skill to have. Carol Kimball teaches a wonderful class that anyone in our business will find invaluable.

[the drawing class from Carol] is well worth it. She is very talented and is an excellent instructor.

I totally agree [with comment above]. Carol’s the best. And I couldn’t do without her Master Sketch Pad! Sure makes my life easier.


I want to put a note on your website about how useful they are to use with kids who have communication problems.

Chemo caps

Bless you for all you do for others…..

Refugee Illustration Materials

Carol Kimball really is a top notch professional and a person we are seriously indebted to for the work she has done in the illustrations and layout of our Welcome booklet.

[from the guy I worked with on a refugee orientation book]…the graphics designer/volunteer developer [at a national conference] of much of the info went out of her way to tell me about all the research they did both primary research interviews with refugees and reviews of secondary sources. She told me that our stuff was absolutely the best they saw and in fact was her inspiration for the story book.

I’m sure the official sculptor for the Refugee Hall of Fame is busily at work now preparing your bust for the Refugee Hall of Champions! It’s just down the block from the rock and Roll hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Mission Statement

Love it!! Great fun – best mission statement I’ve seen!

I LOVE the mission statement.

Your mission statement came out beautiful!!!!! Great JOB! [spouse] laughed out loud.

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