Master Sketch Pads

My popular Master Sketch Pad for Any Body, now with a much better binding, the same size and number of sheets, and thinner, brighter tracing paper. It has the same body styles as the previous version in an improved pose, with additional guidelines and even more templates. Select your body type. Slip the template under the last sheet in the pad and draw your design. When you’ve finished, flip the next sheet down, trace the parts you like and redraw the others, or play with other separates and hemlines, etc. If you have an older master pad, new inserts may be purchased separately. An approved reference for the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals Certification Program. $55.00

Order my “Fashion Sketching for Any Body” CD at the same time and save.

[on boys complaining that the generic children look like girls – tell them that the first thing they should do is customize their templates. Usually the hair is enough. Sometimes they will go for anatomical correctness, too. The next step is to snatch the workups from their clutching hands and go make photocopies for them, before ink bleed-through cruds them up (professional term). It’s pretty common for someone to get a pad and then have it go missing into the hands of their kids, but I’m not sure how to say “It’s a good idea to get one for each member of your family” without it sounding like shameless money-grubbing.]

Fashion Sketching for Any Body CD
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