About Carol Kimball

I’ve been a full-time free-lance artist for over thirty years. Due to extensive experience in so many areas, I excel at problem-solving and defining trade-offs for clients.

My knowledge of ergonomics and the way the human body moves has given me great strength in drafting and trouble-shooting patterns.

The Denver Museum [of Nature and Science] and the Denver Art Museum have commissioned me to do historical recreations.

I’ve taught many types of classes, notably Theatrical Costuming and Fashion sketching, with a dozen or so of my students becoming interns and then going on to their own businesses. I’ll travel for seminars, workshops, or professional consultations – like to the batik factory Androsia in the Bahamas.

I have been the Art Director on a couple movies (made in Omaha!).

Solo arts shows have been at the Hastings College Gallery, The Stuhr Museum, and many smaller venues.

My Flickr site.
I am on Ravelry as carolkimball.

In my copious spare time I do watercolor portraits.